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“I wish I would have found this book when I was starting my first year of teaching. The stories of the students and the insights are valuable.”

—Amazon customer

“An inspiring read. A mix of spiritual, philosophy, and poetry.”

—Juan L. Cox , Atlanta, Georgia

“A short read but I highly recommend it for it is packed with life lessons and engaging poems.”

—Laverne R. Warren , Bronx, New York

Stick From Every Valley

About the Book

Hariz came face to face with grave miseries and adversities, including death itself. But with a positive attitude, he refused to concede and persevered in fortitude and in faith. In his book, Stick from Every Valley, he shares his life experiences—the war in Lebanon, romantic encounters, and confrontations with his destiny—through a collection of ingenious works in poetry and philosophy.

Adel Hariz

About the Author

Born in Lebanon on November 15, 1957, to an abusive father, Adel Hariz is second among four boys. He learned business at a young age and migrated to America together with his family in 1979 after a war broke out in Lebanon in 1975. He worked in the real estate business and, at the same time, studied to get his engineering degree. After he graduated, he worked as a semiconductor engineer in a high-tech industry during weekdays, while maintaining his job in the real estate on weekends. He was inspired to write after reading the Bible twice, sometime in 2005, which led him to writing materials about philosophy, romance, poetic love letters, the war in the Middle East and about the author’s life himself.


I am very near to greatness. One step and I can be safe. Can’t I just take the one leap? Just one leap and with a course of miracles I can succeed.

There is a way of living, a way of living in this world that is not here, although it seems to be here. I do not change appearance, though I smile more frequently. My forehead is serene, my eyes are quiet, I walk this path as others walk, and I do not seem to be distinct from them, although I am, indeed, different. Thus, I can serve them while I serve myself. A new way of living in this world is to be in spirit.

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